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As treacherous as it can be to cite anything from the internet, I thought it appropriate to start this blog with a quote from Stephen King.

I grew up reading his books, probably at an age when I should’ve been reading more child-friendly fare. My mother always said reading ‘those types of books’ would catch up with me and she was right on that score (others as well). I now can’t watch horror movies unless I’m prepared to sleep with the light on for a few nights, even accidentally watching a snippet of a movie trailer can be enough. My imagination runs away with me at the slightest creak of the floorboards or rustle in the kitchen.

But I digress. I’m not quoting him because he had a hand in turning me into the world’s biggest scaredy cat (well, maybe a little). I’m quoting him because he’s right; just before you start is the scariest part.

Starting this blog was very daunting. Picking a platform. Picking a theme. Picking a name! All this was tough for someone as indecisive as me and then… what to write about? Well, thank god for Google and image search! Inspiration has arrived and, here I am, writing my first blog post.

And, on that note, I think I might end here and reward myself with something sweet. Or maybe a piece of cheese. You know, the finer things in life.

Fact #1: if I was Superman, sweets and dairy would be my kryptonite, hands down. Cannot resist a piece of cheese or sugary sweet treat. Things to take note of.