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Now, believe me when I tell you that my usual Saturday night would be much more lively than this. But tonight, my partner and I decided to ditch the drink-fest and have a nice dinner out. It’s not often we both have a Saturday off so I just want you to appreciate how much of a change this is.

Anyways, we had planned to go to dinner at a popular restaurant but, when we got there (without a reservation – shock, horror and echoes of American Psycho), we were told it would be an hour to an hour and a half wait. Now, I’m happy to wait but not when I’m hungry so we went on a little mission and found a small wine bar around the corner, put our names down and were told 10 – 15mins. Win, right?

Well, impatient as we were, we decided to keep looking. We kept walking, did a lap around the block (unintentionally) and then sat down on the curb outside the wine bar and waited. 15mins turned into 30mins and then, just as I was about to turn into the hunger monster, we were in! And I am so glad we waited. Dinner was amazing. The wine the waitress picked me was incredible (and this based on my description of “red, spicy… ummm… not too heavy”). The atmosphere was great and we just got to talk. And I won’t be hungover tomorrow (bonus points).

A night like this makes me realise how it can seem like everything’s going wrong, but if you just give it a chance, it can turn out for the better. And, to be honest, I can think of so many other occasions when something similar has happened. And how many other times have I cracked it and given up instead of waiting to see where the road would take me?

Bit contemplative tonight – I blame the wine. Oh and points to me, two posts in two days. I’m on a roll.

Fact #2: I get VERY angry when I’m hungry. It’s something I have zero control over. Friends have been late to dinner and I have SWORN I will never see them again… then the food comes and all is forgotten.