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I haven’t been to work in ten days (due to two consecutive long weekends and some strategically taken annual and study leave) so the Sunday night blues have hit me particularly hard this time around. Although, to be honest, they always do. I’m a chronic sufferer of the SNBs, if I can call them that. I think I can. I feel like we’re close enough to be on acronym basis.

Even when I have the most productive weekend ever, I still dread going back to work. And I don’t hate my job. I enjoy it most of the time. Maybe sometimes I don’t feel as challenged as I’d like and it can be frustrating, like any job, but that’s about the worst of it. All of this makes the depth of depression I feel at the impending work week seem ever so much more irrational. It’s only Monday, I tell myself. In five more days, it will be Friday again. Never. Ever. Works.

So, as I’ve started doing for each of these posts, I think of a few themes that sum up my day and then Google image search for some quotes, memes, etc. I don’t know who Hayley Mills is (actually, I just Googled her and I now know she’s an actress but that didn’t really help me much). Anyways, the woman speaks truth.

If what Monday brings with it is so depressing, why do we keep doing it? If it’s making us unhappy, we should stop, right? To this, I say, who knows? Surely the end of any weekend is enough to make you just a little bit sad, even if you have the best job in the world. Does anyone love their job SO much they don’t care if the weekend is over because work is JUST THAT AWSOME? And, if so, I want to meet this person and have them tutor me in how to be a life wizard (for this is what they surely are, a work-Gandalf, someone who has it ALL figured out).

If anyone knows anyone who knows anyone, send them my way. This magic I want to learn.

Fact #3: My dream job would probably be working in a bakery, patisserie or deli (one with a substantial cheese section). This would make me happy but only for a short time as I would most likely not live very long. If I wanted to be adult about it, I would probably say something else but, if we’re talking about sheer decadent, gluttonous pleasure, this would top the list.