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Should’ve been wearing this t-shirt today.

I had my first session with my new trainer this morning and OH MY GOD. I was ruined before I even did my first “proper” squat. And we did many, many squats. With kettle bells that felt like the weight of the world by the last set (they were the lightest kettle bells available, yes, I asked). It turns out all this time I’ve been doing squats wrong. Apparently, they’re much harder than I ever anticipated. Adding weights to the mix doesn’t help.

I go to the gym. In fact, this year, I’ve tried to go at least 2 – 4 times a week. Most weeks I’ve managed it. Some weeks I don’t. There was about a month there where I barely went because of work, social stuff, general laziness mostly. I’m really good at doing something ALL THE TIME or not at all. It’s a wonder I’ve been in a relationship so long to be honest (8 years at the start of this month) because there is not much else I’ve been able to commit to.

But this year, I’ve really tried. My sister convinced me to join her gym and we try and do a class or two together a week. It’s been really good actually as it helps to have that other person to motivate you. You’re less likely to roll over and go back to sleep if you know your sister is getting ready and about to jump on a bus to meet you at the gym. Or at least, you think twice about it and make sure to message her really early with a good excuse before she leaves the house. 🙂

I’m definitely not a person that enjoys training. I enjoy it when it’s over and I can congratulate myself on being awesome and sticking it out. But during the training, nope. Hate it. Hate life. Think terrible, murderous thoughts about the trainer, regardless of how nice or hot they are. And some of the instructors at my gym are HOT. I still hate them. I just stop hating them as soon as it’s all over and then I get self conscious that I’m so red and sweaty and unfit in front of them (one day I hope at least the unfit part won’t be true).

I do feel a lot better for training. I have more energy and my mood and self esteem improve. Not at this very instant though. Right now my legs HURT just laying down. They hurt to stand up and sit down. My trainer said they wouldn’t hurt til the day after tomorrow. Clearly, that was a lie or maybe he just underestimated how weak I am. I’m seeing him again the day after tomorrow and I’m very concerned. He did promise that we wouldn’t do legs though so maybe I’ll be ok.

I just can’t believe I’m paying someone to put me in this much pain.

Fact #6: Despite all my training, I know I need to keep my diet in check. I am normally pretty good but I have a wicked sweet tooth after lunch and dinner. Today, I ate a macadamia and salted caramel mini ice cream before bed so I suppose you can say so long squats. See why I wish I was my dog? See my post from two nights ago. He can’t get into the freezer and get himself an ice cream (although I’m sure he would if he could).