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Now, this is more the usual Saturday night. I’m all dressed up and ready to go (or I will be as soon as I’m finished this).

Tonight it will be a quick post as my boyfriend is waiting for me and I feel I’m better off writing now than at whatever time I get home. This will definitely be more coherent although maybe not as entertaining (for you at least and most likely laughing AT me, not with me).

We’re supposedly meeting a friend for her birthday but haven’t heard back from her as to where she is. Another friend is meeting us but is at another party and we can’t get hold of him. We’re not really hungry yet feel like we should eat but don’t know what we want.

So… basically, this looks like it’s going to be either a very interesting or very uneventful night.

Fact #9: I don’t think I have a drinking problem. I don’t drink during the week unless we go out to dinner and I have a glass or two of wine. The problem is the weekend, when I can have a few drinks and don’t have to work the next day. And I can rarely stop at a few drinks. One drink turns into three, which turns into shots, which turns into a 6am cab ride of shame home.

What is the official age for adulthood? I’m 31 and don’t feel like I’m even close.