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As you may have guessed by my absence, Saturday night was large. Much larger than expected. And it has had a run-on effect to the rest of my week, a week that was already chock full of stuff to be on the ball for. And I managed but I would have managed a lot better without a large Saturday night. Oh well, it was a friend’s birthday. I would expect as much if it was mine.

But the result has been that, while I got along fine at work and have managed to keep up with my uni stuff, my personal life has suffered. I’ve been feeling meh and without motivation or energy. I haven’t been to the gym or posted here. My failure to do this has made me upset with myself.

Today is the first day I feel like I’ve really got back on track. I took a study day and I’ve got so much done. I have tomorrow off to get more done and I’m feeling positive. I’m back in gear to hit the gym next week. It’s Friday night but I just want to buckle down and get through this weekend full of assignments and readings and essay writing. Far cry from last week!

Someone once told me that just because you eat a doughnut or McDonalds doesn’t mean your diet is ruined and you should give up, eat whatever you want and start again the next day or the next week. This is what I used to tell myself if I stuffed up. I would get so down and gloomy and everything was just “RUINED”. But in fact, you just stuffed up that particular time and if you eat the right thing for the next meal you’re back on track.

Unfortunately, I’m one of those people that is very hard on themselves for all kinds of ridiculous things. But after that wise person told me what now seems to be the commonest of common sense, I try to take everything as it goes and not get so obsessed with getting everything right.

Don’t beat yourself up because you ate a Karamel Glazed Krispy Kreme. You just treated yo’self. Eat healthy for awhile and you’ll be due one again. 🙂 Everything in moderation. You can’t be good all the time, sometimes you have to LIVE.