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Just feeling the warmth of the sun on my back made today a good day. Being mid-May, this is not to be taken for granted and I’ve been trying to make the most of it by getting outside as much as work 1, work 2 and study will permit. It was so nice eating (a relatively healthy) breakfast out in the sunshine. A nap on the couch and solid afternoon and night of catching up on studies and budgeting rounded out the day.

Saturdays go by so quickly and Sunday feels like the weekend’s already over. At least I did everything I wanted to do today. I’m not ahead but I’m no longer behind and that makes me feel better about the two weeks remaining in this study period. The next two weeks will require some dedication even though I think the worst might be over (until the next 13 week session).

Sometimes I think taking on these studies was the worst idea I’ve ever had. Although to be honest, it’s not a thought I have often. Thankfully. If anything, I resent the lack of time I have to read what I want.

But you have to sacrifice to gain, right?