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I’m a firm supporter of the RSPCA yet it’s still been a while since we took the dogs to the Million Paws Walk. The last few years, we’ve either been too hungover (it’s always on a Sunday) or overseas on holiday. But today, we were neither so we got up and drove to Homebush to participate in the festivities.

The dogs didn’t quite know what was up but they were excited. When we got to the park, there probably weren’t a million paws but, still, there were a crapload of dogs. Every possible dog you could imagine and so many pugs and Frenchies (we stopped and played with most of them, I think). One of the volunteers tried to tell us to take our snub-nosed dogs on the short walk but, as the long one was only 4kms, we disregarded her advice.

It was a nice walk, not too hilly, and the weather was mild so the boys were ok. There was water along the way and Ami got the chance to wallow in a kids-size clam-shell pool and a water feature (bonus!). I think that made his day. Peg-leg pug charged through the walk only really starting to flag at the end but his spirits were buoyed by the BBQ sausage and cheese treat we gave him. Food makes everything better for pug. They were surprisingly energetic on the way home and through the afternoon but have since crashed and burned in their respective beds.

They go with their dog walker tomorrow so they’re going to need their rest. Poor bastards. I still wish I had their life.