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You know, today wasn’t so bad. And yes, I’m talking about a Monday.

Now usually, I’d be whining about how terrible it is that the weekend is over (trust me, I’m not stoked) but I feel like, for once, I went into a week feeling positive. I got up, I ate well and I went to the gym and I felt awesome all day. I didn’t eat any sweets (wasn’t even that tempted) and am looking forward to trying to continue the trend this week. Gym, eat healthy, good night sleep… repeat.

You’re probably thinking that, in only 20 posts, you’ve heard this before. And yes, you would be right. I’m nothing if not full of determination one week and then full of nothing the next. But I have a goal to work towards (a Caribbean trip in November) and I’ll be damned if I’m going to rock up to that in anything less than fantastic shape (or at least moderately better shape than I’m in now). If this can’t motivate me, nothing will and I may as well give up.

So… time to make a plan and stick to it. Forget the first photo, let’s work with this one (yep, down there) and see how long I can stick to it. Go me. Rah!