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My partner and me have been together for eight years now and we recently decided to start having date nights again. Not because we need to escape any children (we have none) but more because we do a lot of social things with other people but not so much together, just the two of us. Tonight was our first one. I organised it (it’s his turn next month) and I have to say… nailed it.

At the last minute, I had doubts and tried to see if the place we went to on our first date took bookings. It didn’t so I stuck to my first choice… and it was awesome. Berta in Surry Hills. Each week they have a sagra night where they base the whole menu around one seasonal ingredient. Tonight was parmesan. Bingo, I thought, you can’t lose with cheese. And I was right. It was all kinds of awesome. And quite reasonably priced – $55 each for 4 courses and you can have matching wines for $40 ea. We didn’t do the wines as we’re both trying to cut back on the drinking of the alcoholic beverages but we still had a glass of red each and a cocktail (I hear you snigger at the whole “cutting back” thing and to that I say at least we didn’t have a bottle as we usually would!).

So, the bar has been set. Boyfriend is up for the next one in June. It is now 10.15pm and I have to get to bed if I’m going to make the gym in the morning. Oh yes, and I went today at lunch time. Feeling pretty chuffed with myself right about now. However, I need to work off all this damn parmesan. And the Aperol spritz. And the glass of red. Dammit! Not so chuffed with myself now!