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Lots of dining out this week. We did the Christine Manfield dinner at Nomad tonight. Very tasty but VERY exxy. Eating out is not cheap and I keep saying I’m trying to save. To be honest, I’m not trying very hard. I’ll be either at home or at work for the rest of the week so things will be back to normal.

Worked from home today and had a session with my trainer before sitting down at the dining table to start my day. Goddamn, those lunges really took a toll this time! My glutes are SORE!! One small win: at my trainer’s recommendation, I got to reset my goals on MyFitnessPal so I am “maintaining” my weight rather than trying to lose weight. Means I get an extra 160 calories to play with each day.

With such good news, who could resist celebrating? I think I ate all of this week’s extra calories in one sitting! So much for that, will be subsisting on soups and salads for the rest of the week, that’s for sure. Or so I say now…