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It was glorious outside today. From our glassy office building, I watched the sun glow over the harbour and wished I worked outdoors. I did manage to venture down to Job #2 for training but it was a 10min each way trip from an office to a basement and back. Not much time for luxuriating in the sunlight, unfortunately. But all is not lost. Tomorrow’s meant to be nice as well and we plan to walk around to the Botanical Gardens. We did the Bridge last week, which was pretty awesome. I think you have to make time for these things. When winter really sets in, it’ll be hard to remember the warmth.

I often feel cold in summer, if I’m in the shade or it’s a bit windy, so winter is a struggle for me. I hate the cold. No more bright summer dresses (unless I wear stockings). No more open-toed sandals. No shorts and definitely no bikinis. My tan fades and I turn an unbecoming shade of yellow. Everything is cloaked and covered up in layers of wool and leather (not so much leather nowadays, I feel guilty). Everyone hibernates so, in a way, we even hide ourselves away.

Every night becomes a jostle in front of the heater with the dogs. Who will get the prime spot? Who will have to sit on the cold edge of the couch, enviously eyeing off the lucky ones in the warm bit? I have to admit it’s not me. I don’t often get to be bigger than anyone so I take my chance to move a dog or two around so I get the best spot. Screw them, they don’t pay any bills.