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The weekend can be such a wasteland though we desire it all week long. Sometimes my weekend slips through my fingers and, before you know it, it’s Tuesday. Yep, last weekend was one of those weekends.

But all is not doom and gloom on this side of cyberspace. This is the last week of 2014 study period 1. I used today’s study day to catch up on last week’s lectures and discussion board posts and plan to use Friday’s study day to watch my last two lectures and complete my end of unit quiz. Which would mean… *drum roll* I get a whole weekend off study!!! Until Monday when the next unit begins. I don’t have the words to express how exciting this is. I might get to read a book of my own choosing! I also found out that I got a really good grade on the hardest assignment I’ve done to date. Pretty chuffed with that as well right about now.

And I would be even more chuffed if I wasn’t so very tired. The weekend’s toll has meant that I haven’t been to the gym all week. I had terrible nightmares on Sunday night. All my plans to knuckle down, eat well and generally get my shit together have suffered a small set back in the form of a crushing lack of motivation. I know what causes this and yet I choose not to avoid it (although I managed to last night, I suppose I deserve some credit for that).

Sometimes having too many options can be a terrible thing. You can definitely have too much fun. And when you do, you crave peace and stillness. But, soon enough, you want fun again. What a rollercoaster we put ourselves on. Or maybe it’s just me.

Fact: The last book I read (or started as the case may be) was Wally Lamb’s We are Water. I am a few chapters into the behemoth and had to put it in hold because of my studies. I will return, Wally, I will return!