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Well, it’s here again. The start of another study period; my fifth to be exact. I’m officially in my second year of uni. Hot damn. I now have slightly less than two years left living my life in 13 week cycles.

As tough as it is at times, it’s definitely made me feel more productive and focused outside of work. I no longer have endless nights to do as I wish, which at first felt like a negative (sometimes still does). But having a task or tasks you need to complete each week means you spend less time in front of the TV doing absolutely nothing. Which was pretty much my life when I wasn’t out. Sad but true. I was very lazy… now not so much. Now I REALLY appreciate when I have a day off.

In fact, I had this weekend off and it was amazing. I did end up spending most of my Saturday night prepping my study plan but at least I wasn’t studying or out drinking (usually my two go-to options for a Saturday night). It felt liberating. Again, very sad. But I keep telling myself that, for once, I’m playing the long game.

I can’t remember if I always get worried at the start of my units but I feel especially concerned this time around. Unit 1 is an art unit and I’ll have to draw, make stuff and then create a stop-motion animation (or design an art exhibition… not bloody likely although it might be the easier option). The third in this list is actually the least concerning seeing as I made a simple animation for another unit and have access to an animator through my work – so I’ll be able to bounce ideas off him. Unit 2 will require me to interview people – non-family and friends people – and about this I am shit scared.

Usually, you get to work in your little bubble. If you have to interview someone, you can get by with a work colleague or family member. This time… I’m not so sure. I’ll see how it pans out. I’m excited to write the article but dealing with strangers, asking them for something when I can see no real benefit for them… well, this troubles me somewhat.

Also, I’m extremely results-focused. I want to maintain my distinction average and I really don’t want these to be the units that fuck this up for me.

Fact: I’m one year into a B. Arts (Professional Writing and Publishing) degree. This study period, I’m doing Art & Creativity and Writing Magazine Features. God help me.

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