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Yes, well, easier said than done, I reckon.

If you’re like me and have a taste for the sweeter things in life, well, life can feel like one big craving. I do find that if I’ve been to the gym, like today, I’m more determined to eat well and not waste all my hard work. Buuuuut, on the days that I don’t go, the opposite applies. I think to myself ‘fuck it, the day’s already ruined, just eat whatever’. And so I do. With gusto.

And now that it’s winter, it’s SOOO hard to get out of bed and face the cold and the dark. I want to stay in bed all warm and cosy. But sacrifices must be made if wins are to be gained and so, like the picture says, I need to suck it up if I want to see any benefits. Nobody ever got results by being half assed about it.

I feel like I would be so much more successful if my partner was equally dedicated. Like WE would be so much more successful if we both encouraged each other to go to the gym in the morning. He came for a few days the other week but then his shoulder hurt (he had a reconstruction last year) and he slacked off again. Slacked off may or may not be the right word but, if he was reasonable about how hard he pushed himself, he might not be in this situation.

ANYWAYS, I digress. This is about ME getting my ass in gear. I can’t really blame him for me staying in bed. He can do what he wants. *world’s biggest self-pitying sigh* It’s me that needs to ‘get up and at ’em’ if I really want to get fit.

Regardless of my sometime lack of commitment, this year really seems to be focused on self-improvement. Or at least spending money on self improvement. I’m getting my finances in order (or attempting to). I’m continuing my studies (doing quite well here, you should know). I’m doing things to improve my mind and my body (although the ref’s still out on how these particular ventures will turn out). But doing something is better than doing nothing and, even if I fail, I will have learnt something, right?

Fact: I use MyFitnessPal to track my eating habits but, on days when I eat out, I don’t even bother. Too hard basket. I just call that my ‘free day’ and keep moving.