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I’m definitely one of those people that just gets wet. Rain makes me sluggish and lazy. I just want to hibernate in my peejays on the couch or in bed, watching TV or reading a book (fat chance of any book reading with the current study load). Fuck this getting up, getting dressed and doing stuff shit. It’s definitely over-rated.

I grew up in Jamaica and, where I lived, you wouldn’t have to go to school if it rained. “Public” transport over there is a mish mash of privately owned mini-vans and taxis that are unreliable at the best of times. Add some rain into the mix and it was a recipe for disaster… if you managed to flag one down. So when the rain came, you stayed home unless you could walk to school. Thankfully, I could not so there were many days when I would wake up to the rain beating down on our zinc roof and rejoice. Because when it rains in Jamaica, it RAINS. An umbrella is not going to cut it. You need a personal force field. Anything less will leave you soaked to the skin and 100% unable to convince any bus driver to take you in his vehicle. Yep, especially if you’re a ‘schoolas’ who only pays half the fare. Not a fucking chance.

Personally, I think this idea is a work of genius and should be applied to any regular occurrence that you’re just waiting for an excuse to ditch, e.g. work, school, the gym, visiting someone you don’t really like, doing the groceries. Sadly, our public transport is slightly more reliable so it seems unlikely this idea will take off.

The first world really needs to start backing a bit more creative unproductivity. I feel like we’re ignoring the universe’s real message behind rain, which is “it’s wet, stay indoors”.

Fact: I have a pair of greeny-blue gumboots but I hardly wear them as my partner said they look like fishermen’s boots and I took it to heart.