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I thought this image relevant considering my current track run with weekend posts. This being a long weekend, things are especially dicey but I hold out hope. Foolishly, perhaps. We’re having dinner at our friends’ house tonight and, while it’s all supposed to be very civilised, I’ve been to enough rodeos to know that these things can get very out of hand very quickly.

In order to be able to have the weekend off, I’ve been madly trying to get through this week’s study tasks (yes, I – more or less – succeeded. Let’s just say I did). To be honest, I’m a bit concerned about my units this study period. I can’t remember if I’m always this concerned at the start of a new semester or if this is a new phenomena. There does seem to be a LOT of work involved and the assessments seem more complex than usual. Not that I’m afraid of hard work. I’m more than happy to do the work but I’m more concerned about finding the time! When you study full time, work full time and have a part time job, you really come to believe that 24 hours a day is not enough.

Yes, I know, I could drop down to part time study – but then this degree would take me 6 years. I know I could cut back my hours at my part time job but I enjoy it and I enjoy the money so… that’s not something I’m eager to do. I could scale back my already thin social life but GODDAMN! A girl’s gotta live!

Sounds like a chronic case of first world problems. If my main problems in life are too much work and career-progressing study (for which I get paid study days) then life is pretty sweet, right? Just another example of wanting it all and not being willing to compromise (even if the compromise will actually improve my life).

I refuse to admit that I can’t have my cake and eat it too.

Fact: My favourite dessert/cake is a chocolate/caramel custard éclair. NOT the cream filled ones, they’re a waste of time. If you’re going to eat dessert, do it properly.