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I spent today drawing, painting and photographing a cardboard box. Apparently, this is part of what you need to do to complete an art unit. I felt like I was in preschool again. All that was missing was the painted macaroni and nap time. *pause for nostalgic moment*

I’ve never considered myself an ‘artistic’ person but I have to say that I’m pretty happy with how much of today’s handiwork turned out. My drawings are not nearly as crap as I thought they were going to be. My little sponged-on block painting turned out relatively nicely (all things considered) and some of my photos are verging on decent. Mind you, I have a shitload left to do but I’m getting there. And thank god for that study day on Friday, will definitely need that seeing as I’m meant to be simultaneously writing a mini-feature article for my other unit. Sucker for punishment I am.

But at least the day ended nicely with a bit of socialising. Otherwise, it would have been a weekend of straight work and study. What a terrible way to start a new week, with little to no weekend enjoyment whatsoever. Just waitressing, artist research, cardboard box ‘art’ and the groceries. Fuck that right off.

We were meant to have cheese and wine at the Stinking Bishop but it was too busy. So, we had burgers and fries at Mary’s, a cocktail at Earl’s Juke Joint and then dessert crepes and thick shakes at a diner back on Enmore Road. We tried to go back for cheese but Stinking Bishop closes at 6pm on Sundays. Outrageous. Still, it was good to get out of the house and do something just for the fun of being in the company of others. Puts me in a better headspace to start this daunting week that looms before me.

Fact: I was never much into drawing as a child; writing was always more my thing. Although I  do remember spending a fair bit of time creating a fashion catalogue with my own designs for clothing and shoes. What I wouldn’t give to see those now?! They would have made for a very, very interesting runway collection.