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Don’t judge me! I know the quote above is cheesy as hell but today it felt fitting.

I semi-recently read Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean in, and am a complete convert to that woman’s awesomeness. She says something in the book about women being more prone to look at a job description and think, “I can’t do 70% of that stuff, I’m not even going to apply”. Whereas men will look at the same job description and think the opposite – “I can do 30% of that, I’ll give it a go!”

And you know what, it’s true. At least for me. Although hopefully I am about to overcome it (we’ll see how that goes). I was recently shown a JD and thought, “wow, GREAT opportunity”. I then proceeded to go through it with a highlighter and mark all the things I thought I could do without too much trouble. It came to maybe 20% of the requirements. I immediately began having doubts.

Oh, what if I can’t do that?

They probably won’t have time to train me.

They’ll need someone that can hit the ground running. That’s not really me.

I talked myself out of it before I even put myself forward. Luckily, I spoke to a few people (I had other concerns besides just the skills required) and decided to speak to the person in charge, explain my position and see what they had to say. I am super keen to learn but I wanted to be upfront about my skills gaps.

Anyways, turns out I could definitely do it. They were expecting to need to train someone. And here I was not even going to try!

Now, maybe it’s not a “woman thing”. Maybe it’s just a “lack of confidence thing” or a desire to be “good at everything all the time thing”. I definitely don’t want to paint other women with the brush I picked out for myself (I thought the nice, firm bristles would work well for exfoliation).

But it’s definitely something to think about – whether you’re giving up on yourself before you’ve even started or talking yourself out of an opportunity you might be perfect for.

Anyways, I’m getting ahead of myself. I’m going to see what happens with this one. You’ll be hearing from me.

Fact: It’s 11.44pm and I’m planning on going to the gym tomorrow. I also did the first draft of my short feature article in record time (can’t speak for its quality). If I’m going to continue to be productive all week, it’s best I go to sleep now. Night night.