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Let’s see… I definitely achieved two out of three. Some might say three.

It was a hectic day. Up early to go to the gym. Bus was early so had a mini-sprint to catch it. Silver lining says that was a freebie workout, an unexpected warm up. Getting to the gym always makes me feel better about the day ahead.

Work was non-stop. One of those days when so many things just crop up to slowly snowball your day into absolute chaos. You finally walk out of the building, glad to have it behind you but at least feeling like maybe, just maybe, you accomplished something, were able to salvage some scrap of usefulness out of your day. And then home…. to write a short feature article – just one of the assignments due in the next two weeks.

Yep, that’s my life. To be honest, I’ve always liked to be busy but this is a next-level kind of busy. The next week is going to be tough, what with all the assignments, travel to Brisbane and, of course, work, work, work.

But you know what. I’ve never shied away from a challenge. Well, not a mental one anyways, not that I can think of. I’ll soldier on. I’ll get to the end of the gauntlet, take a weekend off from waitressing and be ready to start it all again.

Fact: I’ve got a study day booked in for Friday. Lucky me gets to spend the day making magnificent creations from cardboard boxes for an assignment for my Art & Creativity unit. While the adult part of me wants to sneer with disdain, a very large childlike part is very, very excited!