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Yep, right now, I’m dying to sleep. But I just HAD to get another draft of my essay done. I feel like I’m falling so behind this study period.

And it’s been a rough two days. Worked to the bone while away from home. My flight got delayed on the way back so I didn’t get home til 10.30pm so no training tomorrow. Moved that shit to Thursday when I will hopefully feel less like crumpling up into a sad, exhausted little ball.

The upside is that I got to read a book of my own choosing on the plane. There AND back. Very exciting stuff for me. I felt guilty doing it as I knew I had uni stuff I could be reading but I just couldn’t face it. My brain was mush from all the interviews and shoots and constant 100% focus and thinking of reading uni texts made me want to open an emergency exit and end it right then and there.

And to add insult to injury, tonight was the first birthday of the bar I work at. All over Facebook I was seeing photos of everyone having fun. I got texts and calls from people asking why I wasn’t there, telling me to come, that I was boring, not fun, missing out.

And, quite uncharacteristically, I took myself straight home, bypassed fun altogether. This looming assignment deadline and unflinching tiredness has turned me into a little old lady. And on that note, I will be taking myself off to bed now at the un-old-lady hour of 12.34am.

Fact: I. Am. Tired. This is all I can currently be 100% certain about myself.