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Today, I had a study day as well as rum training at the bar. On the way home, I walked past a pair of buskers in the middle of Pitt St Mall.

They were playing guitar and singing Latin American songs, some I recognised. There was a big crowd and an elderly man was dancing around. Usually, I would keep walking but I stopped for awhile to listen. Ended up giving them some money and buying their CD. I knew I had lots to do at home but the music was so beautiful that I didn’t want to go. I just wanted to sit on the ground and listen and not have to be anywhere else in the world.

Eventually, reason took over and I left. Playing the CD at home is nice but not the same as that one pure moment of ‘unexpected beauty’. I’m not usually the type of person to stop and smell the roses. Maybe now I will be. I would say YOLO but then I’d have to kill myself.