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It’s late and I’ve promised my sister I’ll go to the gym with her tomorrow. Also, I’m ridiculously tired and just realised I had the heater on way too high. All that hot air has made me cranky and frustrated that I didn’t get more done tonight.

It’s a concern because I’m working the next three nights, which means I only have the bus ride to work, my lunch breaks and Saturday day time to get this week’s uni work done. I suppose I also have Sunday but we have a brunch and our monthly anniversary surprise. Goddamn, these units are killing me.

I wouldn’t normally work so many nights but one of the other waitresses got fired and they haven’t found someone new. I put my hand up to help out on Thursday (so long as I’m out of there by 10pm so I can get home and get some sleep for my other job the next day). But I didn’t appreciate how much I had to get through this week. Oh well, I’ll manage somehow.

On the upside, I got 80%, a high distinction, for my first Art assignment, even considering my half-assed-ness towards the end of the project. Imagine what I could have done if I hadn’t run out of time! Can’t get much higher than an HD though I suppose, stop complaining.

Ahhh… sorry, I have to go to bed. I’m a shambles right now.