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After midnight. On a Monday. I’m feeling in two minds.

Half of me is motivated and excited. The other half is stressed and panicky. So much to do, so little time. I know I keep saying the same thing but it’s a fact of life nowadays.

Also, how is it that I can work so many extra days and yet the money I make is literally gone before I spend it? I’m using this new budgeting software and, while it’s been great at showing me how to manage my money, it’s also incredibly depressing how little free income I have for how much I work.

And I make decent money! I’m just a master spender. Years and years of practice have made me expert at something. Sadly, that something is not really desirable at my income bracket. The budget is helping me curb it but fuck it’s a slow road to recovery.

Another explanation is that there are money gnomes like there are sock or underwear gnomes. Somewhat plausible but they would have to be master thieves to raid my bank account so cunningly. I feel like if I had all my money under a mattress I could run this story with some credibility. As it stands… No.