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At the end of August, I need to submit a magazine feature article as one of my assignments. I’ve chosen to write about women returning to work and how the company I work for is supporting/not supporting them in doing this.

It’s actually made me think quite a bit. I went into the interviews with quite a few pre-conceived ideas and, as per usual, things are rarely as black and white as I see them in my head. Of course, it’s good that women have so many opportunities nowadays. We’re much more supported than we used to be. But do we now feel entitled? Do we see what we’re meant to get and not how the pendulum swings both ways?

Being a mother is a huge decision. Do we still see it that way? I mean, of course we do, but do we REALLY? Or do we not think something has to give along the way? Are we unwilling to see that sacrifice is involved in ANY big decision we make. Invariably, when we make such a decision, we have to relinquish something else to make space. In many cases, we loosen our grip on our careers so the baby fits in. This makes sense. But maybe now we don’t think we should have do this. Maybe we think everything should just make room for us so we can do it all.

I don’t know the right answer. But, I know this assignment is making me ponder some big questions (like how babies are terrible, tyrant masters that ruin people’s lives). Yep, I said it. Surely, with all the science in the world, we can come up with a better way of procreating. Someone should do something about that!