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Today, I feel this definitely wasn’t true.

A bit of context first – with my sister in tow, I have embarked on somewhat of a physical challenge. Every day, we must do at least 5mins of exercise. Failing to do a gym class or see my trainer on any particular day means that I have to find at least 5mins to do something active on my own. This has proved particularly hard when hungover but I have yet to fail in the two weeks (today!) since this has been going on.

To stay honest and motivated, we message each other with what we’ve done each day and general banter around (a) doing better or (b) doing something at all and occasionally (c) congratulating one another on a job well done (very rare).

Sites like Freeletics have helped. They have free exercise programs that you can do (some are as quick as 100 secs ). The site times you so you can challenge yourself to either finish the series of exercises quicker or do more reps than the last time you logged on. A friend at work also found a dude on Facebook (Shaun T) that posts regular 5min workout videos. Some are more vicious than you’d think possible for such a short period of time.

So between these sites and our own creativity, we’ve been doing pretty well. As I said, it has only been two weeks but this is still a pretty good accomplishment for a master excuse maker. I just can’t seem to talk my way out of why I don’t have time to do 5mins of exercise. And then I feel so much better that I end doing a full workout sooner than I probably would have before.

So… back to my legs “giving up”, there’s a reason for that. Sunday and Monday, I did 5mins of butt and abs. Tuesday, we hit the gym and tortured ourselves with our own abs, legs, butt and arms routine. Yesterday, I did legs and butt with my trainer. So, today, when we perhaps foolishly rocked up for a bike class and I found myself on the first of a seemingly never ending series of hill climbs, my legs and bum were pretty much on fire from the get go. Definitely the legs and not me. For once. Anyways, we struggled through to the end and then did some extra work on our arms, chest and back.

Feeling pretty chuffed with myself right about now. Here’s to small commitments making a big difference.