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Dammit. I wanted to write something really profound for my 50th post but, unfortunately, WordPress tells you after the fact. Maybe you can find that shit out on the dashboard or something but, when you’re writing your somewhat-less-than daily entry at 11pm or midnight, accumulative post total is not front of mind. Anyways, it’ll have to be my 51st post that spreads that wisdom-y goodness I am definitely not famous for.

The above photo always makes me smile. It reminds me that the simplest things can bring the most pleasure. Think about how children and animals can be amused by the most basic things. For hours. Then we grow up and simple isn’t good enough anymore. Well, for most of us at least. Myself definitely included.

I want that wonder back. That enchantment with life. I often wonder where it went. One day it’s there. The next day, not. And you don’t even miss it until waaaaayyyyy down the track when you stop and think “hold on a second now…”

Bring back adult childhood, I reckon. It should be a thing. More jumping castles, petting zoos, slip and slides. All that good shit. Fuck yeah, that’s got me all over it.