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In a big world, it’s often easy to feel very small (especially if you’re like me and actually ARE very small). But just because we’re one person in a sea of billions doesn’t mean we can’t make a difference. One person can make a HUGE impact on the people around them. We just have to decide what kind of impact we want to make.

Think of how a toxic workmate or negative friend can spread misery to those around them. In the same way, you can bring happiness and joy to someone’s life, their day. Not just by loving someone. Not just by having a child and raising it well. There are smaller things, daily things that cost nothing except a smile or pleasant word here or there.

I’m a firm believer in random acts of kindness (even if I don’t practice it as often as I could). Say something nice to someone you don’t know (or someone you do). Smile at strangers (yep, be that person). In fact, smile at everyone. Getting a smile from a stranger (or anyone really) can momentarily brighten an otherwise grim day. I wear an owl beanie with little ears on it, not only because I want to keep my head warm, but because it makes people smile when they see it.

I consider myself a bit of a solitary person but even I still wonder at the solitude of my existence (and I’ve been in a relationship for 8 years). There are so many of us, so close together and yet we brush past one another with so little contact or recognition, in such a daze sometimes that we don’t even see the people we do know (or maybe we pretend we don’t see them). If we try and make a tiny impact from time to time, I think the world would be a less lonely, less cold place.