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Look, if I’m being completely honest, I’d say I have massive commitment issues; I rarely keep anything up for very long. The gym comes and goes. I attempt many unsuccessful diet changes. I can’t even blog with any kind of regularity (my aim is once a day – ha!). And yet somehow I’ve managed to be in a committed relationship for over eight years. So, the moral I get here is that I can commit to some things, it would seem.

Well, lo and behold, I’m coming up to three weeks straight on my ‘at least 5mins of exercise a day’ challenge. And frankly, no one is more surprised than me. As I’ve said before, I just can’t seem to talk my way out of 5mins of exercise, especially when said exercise can be (and has been) done on the couch while hungover, watching TV. This is the workout commitment for me. Now, if only I could find some way to commit to healthy eating and cutting out the damn mini ice creams of a night time. That would be a truly life changing commitment.

Now, having made this big proclamation, I fear I may have jinxed myself. I’m going to a music festival for 6 days in total and there is every possibility I won’t feel like exercise much (unless dancing and rolling in the grass counts). Although, before I get all down on myself, let’s take it as it goes. I may yet surprise myself (yes, that is still possible at 31).