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OK, so almost exactly a month ago, I posted about having commitment issues. Well, it’s that time again.

A quick list of casualties:

  • My 5min exercise challenge didn’t survive the music festival I went to
  • I’m back at the gym but can’t claim any kind of regularity just yet (although, as always, I have the best of intentions)
  • I had taken up body brushing but can’t seem to find the few mins of a morning to make that happen
  • I’m blogging a bit more but one big weekend fucks that right up
  • I can’t even remember to take my vitamins everyday.What else did I say I’d do? God only know, I just know that nothing happens for very long. Although kudos to me – one thing I’m good at is remembering my birth control pill. An important task, that’s for sure. Children and me are a recipe made in the fires of Mordor.

As the pic says, I’m one of those people with a bazillion ideas and dreams (if I’m in a good mood). I might even attempt to realise a few but, if it requires any kind of concerted, long term effort, things… kind… of… just don’t happen. I don’t think that I’m lazy per se, just that I lose interest and lack any kind of determined motivation.

Although… this lack of commitment only seems to apply in my personal life (aside from my relationship with my long-term partner). I can definitely apply myself when it comes to work but come home time? Nuh-uh. Too tired. Not important. I’ll do it tomorrow. Annnnnnnnnnd it never happens.

And with me taking next study period off from uni, I worry that I’ll give up on that as well. That I won’t go back after my three month break. All that sweet free time will seduce me into a life of leisure and study-free-ness (god it sounds amazing!). That being said, work supports me with my study by giving me paid study days so maybe that level of accountability will be what saves me. Lord knows, I don’t want to have to admit to them that I’m a secret slacker!