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I have exactly SEVEN sleeps until I am finished uni for three. Whole. Months. I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am. I’ve been saying I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself but… I have a few ideas.

Some thoughts

  • Lay on the couch watching TV (a lot)
  • Go to bed anytime I want like a big girl
  • Catch up with friends, more than one night a week, if I so desire
  • Fix up this blog
  • Make sense of my budgeting software
  • Do whatever the fuck I want!
  • Hell, maybe even commit to the gym on a regular basis. The world is my oyster. Let’s get crazy, dream big!!!

My god. It’s been a productive 15 months but it’s definitely time to give this little body a rest. Take a break from that voice in the back of my mind constantly telling me what I SHOULD be doing. It just never stops. Even on days I can afford to have a rest, nope. Not good enough. I’m just going to ruin your fun time with thoughts about shitty, shitty non-fun stuff. What an asshole that voice is.

So… I’m taking the next study period off, heading to the Caribbean for 3.5 weeks in November and, when I come back, I only have 2 weeks of work before the Xmas break. Fucking BANG. Things are looking up for me right about now, bitches. AND THEN, the piece de resistance (French-ify the preceding as required), we’ll see if we can swing this part time gig. That will really take the pressure off and make life less of an absolute shit fight.

I used to be good at maths, not so much anymore. Yet I’ll be goddamned if I’m not going to subtract the shit out of my life right about now and make room for some good stuff. Get onboard!