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I would (and do) suck at poker. I’m a poor liar and, I suppose, by definition of my chosen quote/image for today, I am somewhat childlike. I find it very hard to hide my emotions or hold my tongue when I feel strongly about something. Impulse control = generally not amazing.

But not only do I not lie well, I hate lies. Dishonesty is something that bothers me deeply. I’ve given up on long term friendships that I’ve found to be filled with lies. Once I’ve caught someone in a lie, however small, I find it very hard to trust them on anything after that. I’ve been told that I can often be too honest, brutally honest (even more so if I’ve had a few drinks).

But, in all honesty (seeing as this is a post about honesty), I’d prefer to hear something truthful that hurts, that I can learn and grow from, than something sweet and soft that isn’t real. So I give others the same courtesy. People that don’t like it soon learn not to ask me questions they don’t want an honest answer to.

Yet, sometimes I wonder if just a thin cloak of deceit would be a worthwhile thing to have in one’s life wardrobe – just in case of emergencies, inclement weather and so forth. Is knowing when it’s appropriate to tell a little white lie – just to protect someone’s feelings – an adult trait we should all possess?