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Well, my three months off from uni has arrived and I have ALL this free time and what do I want to do? Sleep, sleep and TV. I honestly thought I’d be using my time much better than this but fuck it. I have many more days in which to do exciting things. For the moment, I just need to recover.

The last 1.25 years has been an absolute shit storm of ever increasing shit-iness. Things started off fun and exciting but they steadily lost their glamour. The last three months were absolute hell (in a first world problems kind of way, I mean, I’m not in a war torn country or anything like that). But I survived. I got this far and I even managed to do really well in one of my units (jury’s still out on the other one).

These last four days of liberation have been characterised by extreme tiredness and lethargy with a smidgen of a desire to get absolutely fucking hammered. And I managed that. I suspect I will have a few more days of being tired and unmotivated and then I’ll come good. I have so many things I want to do and already it seems like the time will slip through my fingers if I’m not careful. Time has a way of doing that. I mean, how the hell did I get to 31 all of a sudden? I swear I should only be about 27 or so.

Anyways, if I learnt anything from my studies, it’s that time is incredibly precious, whether you’re on a deadline for an assignment or on a glorious study break. I intend to spend this precious, precious time doing what makes me happy and allowing myself to relax when I want to so that, when the time comes to go back to school, I feel rested and ready to take it all in stride.

If my plan to go to part-time comes to fruition, things will be better come December anyways. A girl has plans, you know?