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Yep, so it seems I’m a glutton for punishment. Despite congratulating myself on having three months off uni, I’ve now signed up for a month-long WordPress blogging workshop. Seems I’m now addicted to the added challenge of study (although this should be a touch easier than uni). At least this will help me get my head around how to run a blog and do all that fun stuff I’m pretty sure I don’t understand all that well just yet.

Indecisive as I am, I predictably spent many minutes agonising over whether I wanted to do the blogging or writing course. Yes, these are the big questions that plague my every day life. It’s tough, I tell you. Where to begin? Writing or blogging? I thought about doing both but it would be a big commitment for a time when I’m meant to be taking it easy. So, in the end, I went with the blogging option and I can always do a Postaday or prompt challenge, if I’m feeling particularly ambitious.

I suppose you could say I’ve grown accustomed to having set goals and tasks. I feel like it gives me purpose and a sense of achievement at the end of the day (or crushing self-disappointment when I fuck up). But this course will be good for me to understand how a blog really works, instead of continuing to fumble around in the dark as I have been.

The only thing that concerns me is that some of the tasks are about publishing your content via social media and I’m not sure if I’m ready for that yet. I suppose it’s all optional though so no need to get myself all worked up about something I’m not being forced to do… or worse yet, being assessed on.