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Unless you’re with your high school sweetheart or someone who was never with anyone else before you, every person you’ve ever been with is a hand-me-down. They’ve come to you courtesy of the one or ones before.

Let’s think about that for a minute.

Depending on whether you value innocence or experience, pristine packaging or dog-eared corners, your thoughts can run in many different directions. Personally, I’m quite fascinated by the idea of the person I love being the product of the many interactions they had before they ever met me. What if I met them one relationship earlier? What if they’d never been with person #3? Would anything be different? Would we never have fallen in love because they wouldn’t be looking for what I have to offer?

Of course, this same notion of experience conjures up images of damaged goods, baggage, hang-ups that follow us from one interaction to the next, getting their grubby little fingerprints all over our shiny new relationships. Yes, experience can be bad. The hand-me-down can come to us torn, ripped, falling apart at the seams. But, who’s to say they can’t be repaired with some TLC and expert needlework?

But, then again, who can sew nowadays?