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I’ve already found who makes me happy, now I’m working on what makes me happy.

I remember being a teenager scratching away at my diary and somehow, no matter what fucked up shit I was writing about that day, it always made me feel better. So why write online instead of in one of the many diaries sitting on my bookshelf? I don’t know. To be accountable. To share my thoughts with likeminded individuals. To get feedback. To practice in something other than a vacuum. But mostly, I suppose, I climb out of my shell, even for 30mins most days.

I want to write about things that mean something to me (and hopefully other people too). I hope that having this plan to post a few days a week will make me more observant, will make me stop and consider my days and bring some purpose other than the usual endless stream of hours that so often pass without reflection. I want to share my love of food and wine and entertainment. Although, maybe not some of the more debaucherous elements (those I’ll keep to myself – a girl’s gotta have a few secrets, right?).

This is my plan. It’s most definitely a work-in-progress but I’m hoping I get the hang of it. I already feel like my writing is getting better, getting easier just for having more practice. I swear the hardest thing is to find your voice and then decide what you’re going to ‘speak’ about. THEN you’re set. Promise.