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There’s a beautiful jasmine plant at the bottom of our apartment building stairs and, every night on my way into the house, I try to stop and take a deep breath of that beautiful, sweet scent. No matter what my day has been like, it always brightens my spirits.

The smell of jasmine is very nostalgic for me. It reminds me of my childhood, my grandfather’s garden in particular. He was a massive gardener and took great pride in his plants, as far into his old age as he could. I didn’t get on with him that well towards the end but it always made me sad to see the garden dilapidated and run down, once he got too old to take care of it.

Back to the jasmine though. In the front yard, Grandpa had a big wire trellis that you could walk through and he’d managed to grow honeysuckle and jasmine all through the wire. When it was in full bloom, it smelt amazing and I would stand in there breathing in the scent and licking the honeysuckle flowers.

That’s what the smell of our night jasmine bush reminds me of. Being a child on school holidays (we were always on school holidays when we were at my grandparents) in spring or summer, without a care in the world. Except maybe the faint fear of getting stung by an aggressive bee. As far as fears go, it’s definitely a more manageable one.

Yes, I know telling you to ‘stop and smell the roses’ is about as a big a cliché as you can find but clichés are clichés because they’re true. I think they’re so true that we’re sick of hearing them and they’ve lost their meaning. But if you’ve had a day like I’ve had, sometimes you need something as simple as the smell of roses/jasmine/lillies/whatever it is you love to give you that little nudge and say ‘hey, things aren’t so bad’. Give it a try.

On the blogging101 front, we were tasked with revamping our title and tagline to reflect what our blog is about. I tweaked my title and came up with a tagline that combines my kind of self-determined key characteristic (my smallness) with the content of my blog (observations, musings, contemplations). It’ll do for the moment but I’m sure I’ll fiddle with it again soon enough.