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Ah Snoopy, when did these questions ever plague you? I can’t remember much about this comic but I know that Charlie Brown (or Charlie’s parents) bought Snoopy his dog house and food, he didn’t have to work and he pretty much existed just to keep his buddy Charlie company. I’d say his biggest stressor would have been Woodstock, that frazzled bird that no one could understand. Or maybe they could all understand and it was just us who couldn’t.

Like I said, I can’t remember much about the cartoon (even though I had a Snoopy doll) but that’s beside the point. If poor Snoopy, with his complete and utter lack of responsibilities and pressing concerns, can feel lost and aimless, what about the rest of us? Or maybe, it’s because of his lack of purpose that he felt this way.

I often fantasise about not having to work, living a life of leisure in which I go to the gym every day and am a super-fit social butterfly. But, when I’m really honest with myself, I know I’d be bored, I wouldn’t go to the gym and how the fuck would I fund my social butterfly existence without any $$$ coming in? Even if I won the lotto, I still very much doubt I would change so much that I would go to the gym on the regular. Or maybe I’d hire a personal trainer, yoga instructor and nutritionist/personal chef to take all the guesswork, willpower and decision making out of being healthy and making positive changes.

I figure if we could all employ a bunch of people to run our lives the way we ‘want’ them run then the world would be a very different place. Or, we could all find some willpower and start doing all those things we tell ourselves we want to do but deep down we don’t really want to make the changes or work hard enough to make those things happen.

I’m a major perpetrator of having a million grand plans for self improvement and then attaining none. Case in point: my gym attendance this year, which, while it hasn’t been terrible, hasn’t exactly been stellar. Especially considering I have a Caribbean holiday coming up for which I’d like to gallivant about in as little clothing as possible. However, there are other things I’ve accomplished this year (my studies, this blog) so perhaps, by our actions, we just show what’s really important to us.

Clearly, reclining on the couch typing up blog posts in my peejays is a much more realistic goal for me. 🙂