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As part of the Blogging101 workshop, we were asked to comment on four blogs we’ve never commented on before and then share them, if we want. Well… I want.

Here are the four blogs I commented on. There are four different types of blogs/content so there’s a bit of variety.

Here we go (in alpha order)

  1. 260 Days, 100 books (Confessions of a Readaholic) – as a self-confessed bookworm whose literary addiction is often thwarted by my tertiary study, I was quite inspired by this blogger’s quest. They beat their goal to read 100 books in 365 days by over 100 days and, when I finish my studies, I hope to give this a bash as well. I usually read a lot so hopefully I can follow their lead and make it more challenging by reading books outside my norm.
  2. Crustless spinach and artichoke quiche (Cooking with a Wallflower) – I love food. And I love pictures of food. And damn if cheese and spinach isn’t one of my favourite combinations. Oh yes, and crustless quiche is a definite win. The crust is my least favourite part of the quiche – hands down. So this is just all over awesome and there’s plenty more where that comes from on this blog.
  3. Journey to Adventurethon – update 2 (The Exercise Hitlist) – I’m not a mum but I definitely identify with the struggle to get fit around today’s busy lifestyle. My busy-ness comes from work and study (and yes, sometimes my social life) but, children or not, I see it as a similar predicament. I’m inspired by the honesty and humour in this blog. It’s not about impossible to attain 100% perfection that ultimately convinces you you’ll never get there.
  4. Naivety (Epiphanies) – this post contains a simple, short poem. But don’t let the simple mislead you. It’s beautiful and deep and, sadly, I saw myself in some of the negativity present in the poem. Makes me think I need to be more positive sometimes, rather than being so practical and logical (although, of course, there’s a place for that).

Anyways, that’s my little trip around the WordPress neighbourhood. Hopefully, I took you to some new and interesting places!