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Yesterday, I read The Exercise Hitlist’s Journey to Adventurethon – update 2 post and felt inspired. I’d seen my trainer twice this week, he’d given me some advice on what to eat, I’d started tracking my food again – I felt like I was on the straight and narrow. Even, took my gym gear into work in the hopes of doing a class after hours.

And then… a bag of potato chips happened. 75% less saturated fat, if that makes it any better (it doesn’t). But even before that, I gave up on the gym. Was tired. Decided to walk to the further bus stop instead. Stopped at the supermarket to get food for a healthy, high protein dinner. Found myself in the bastard chip aisle. Minutes later, the chips were gone and the regret had taken its place. Funny how it never makes itself known until every single chip is eaten. Cue guilt and self-loathing.

One of the things I like about The Exercise Hitlist is that the writer is honest about her mistakes yet doesn’t beat herself up. I know a bag of chips (and a few bites of a work colleague’s block of dark chocolate with almonds, if we’re being honest) aren’t going to render me instantly unhealthy and obese (or whatever my greatest fear is). But still, they’re not helping. And I feel guilty because there were mandarins on my desk I could have eaten. I walked through the healthy food aisle and the fruit section at the supermarket. Yet, I STILL went for the chocolate and the chips.

I’m beginning to think my natural state is something akin to the quote at the top of this post. Couch. Pyjamas. Custard, cheese, pastries. Some kind of pretend exercise that can be done in a seated position on said couch. It would not be a long life but, god, it would be indulgent.

Anyways, let’s try and take a leaf from The Exercise Hitlist’s book. I fucked up. Own it. Move on. I may not have eaten perfectly or gotten to the gym today but there’s still time to do some squats and lunges before bed.