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Tonight, I went to the Enmore Theatre to see Alt-J in concert. I’d never seen them before and was quite excited. However, the long weekend was a bit of a drain and part of me definitely just wanted to go home to bed. But it was not to be. First world problems, I know. God forbid I should attend a sold out concert when I could be going to bed early like some tired nanna.

Things started off well. Rather than the usual mad rush to get a park and scramble into the show, we actually had time to have a sit down dinner at a Greek restaurant across the road. The food was pretty good and, feeling ambitious, we walked up to Cow and the Moon for ice cream but we definitely didn’t have time for that. Mild disappointment ensued as I’d heard good things. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll be back. Good dessert never eludes me for too long. Anyways, this is about the concert, not the food.

I’d say I’m a moderate Alt-J fan. I got on board through a friend at work. I have their first album but haven’t gotten around to getting their second. Not to worry, the concert was still accessible although I have to admit I can hardly understand them and the lyrics (aside from the obvious ones) often sound like gibberish. Beautiful gibberish but gibberish nonetheless.

I did enjoy it though. They have such a singular sound. Their music is soothing and hypnotic, you can’t help but get swept up in the emotion and feeling of it all. They did all their well known songs (plus a few I had no clue about but that’s not saying much). Their encore included Breezeblocks, which was pretty awesome. And maybe it was the heavy scent of marijuana working its magic on me but the lights were especially well done. Very moody and well suited to each track. Kudos, lights man, you did good.

Although I often wonder… can epileptics attend concerts nowadays with all the flashing lights? Or has modern medication gotten rid of all that? Yes, even when I am attending awesome concerts, I still stop to ponder the big questions in life.