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I love summer. I love those days when the bitumen feels soft and sticky beneath your feet. When people walk past you smelling of coconut sunscreen. A sunny day has so much more promise. The weather’s on your side so you’re already ahead.

I think growing up in Jamaica has ruined winter for me. Even our mild Australian winters. Winter in Jamaica meant low 20s, a cold night breeze and the need for maybe an over-shirt or cardigan. If you went to the beach at night – to see a show or something – you’d take a long sleeve but, really, cold is relative. The fact is that it just wasn’t as hot as normal so it felt cold.

That being said, I have Jamaican friends that live in Canada, the US and the UK where it gets much colder than Australia. They seem to handle the cold, even if they don’t love it. So maybe it’s not a ‘childhood in Jamaica’ thing. Maybe it’s a ‘I’m just a massive cry baby’ thing. Totally plausible although I prefer the Jamaican angle.

Anyways, summer is gradually making its appearance here and my mood is instantly lifted. I see lazy beach days, bikinis, summer dresses and sandals and boat days on the harbour in my immediate future. How can anyone be sad with such prospects looming large and bright?