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I’ve spoken about this before but adulthood is the darnedest thing. Full of soul searching and expectations. You never really feel like you’ve attained it. Or at least I don’t feel like I have. There’s still time, I suppose.

You know, we don’t really appreciate childhood. All we want to do is be a grown up and, as an adult, all I keep thinking is that I didn’t know how good I had it when I was a kid. Oh, not a teenager, mind you. That period sucked balls. But a kid in primary school… ah that was the life! So few responsibilities. So few cares. Of course, it’s not this way for all people. But, for me, adulthood has definitely been much more onerous.

You have to make your own food. You have to support yourself. Get a job. Pay bills. Build a life. All these things are taken care of or decided for you as a kid. It was bliss and we didn’t even know it. The hardest parts of the day were getting out of bed, making it to the end of the monkey bars and doing homework. Oh, to go back to those simpler times of lunch boxes and learning to write cursive properly between those blue and red lines (never really mastered it, my handwriting is appalling).

Ah well, we can’t go back, right? Must go forward. Go forth and prosper or multiply or whatever it is. Probably not multiply as I’m not quite ready for that yet. Yep… prosper it is.