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So often, when we’re unhappy, we stay where we are because we’re too afraid of the unknown. I know I do this. Better the devil you know, right? Who knows what lurks in the dark, scary ‘out there’? We know what’s in here – ANYTHING could be out there.

But, you know what? Anything could possibly contain something pretty awesome. If you’re somewhere you don’t like, you could take a chance, venture out and find something better. Sure, you might find something worse but you’re already unhappy where you are. If you don’t like this new place, you can just keep on moving. A rolling stone and all that…

But, we’re complex beings. Often the chance of something better isn’t enough to motivate us. We want certainty so things have to be truly terrible before many of us will reluctantly say, ‘I’m up out of this bitch’. We do love us some same ol’, same ol’.

But not me, I’m resolved to be different (in this particular instance). I’m not going to be a tree any longer. I’ve got these things called legs and feet and I’m going to start using them to get the fuck out of situations I don’t enjoy anymore. Starting tomorrow.

Watch me fly! I’m actually really worried, but fuck it. Let’s do this. What’s the worst that could happen? Ummm… I can think of a few things… but I’ll try not to.

Picture credit: Mkalty