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Yes. I am the turtle in this analogy. And there’s no shame in being a turtle. They’re tough, steady creatures and, if you recall your childhood Aesop’s fables, I believe the turtle beat the hare. Or was a tortoise? Close enough, I say.

I suppose I should explain myself. I recently quit my job in search of greener, more challenging pastures. The ‘sticking the neck’ out part comes from not having another job to go to… yet. But I’m being diligent in my searches and I have friends on the look out for me (had some phone calls already) and even submitted my first application today! Huzzah… progress in action.

The good thing about this situation is that I’m not in any particular rush. I want to find the right job, not the first job, and for this I have my partner to thank. When I told him how unhappy and how desperate I was to start the new year doing something new and fresh (or, at the very least, not in my current job), he was and is very supportive. He possibly even has more faith in me than I do in finding a job swiftly. And I do always have his bar to fall back on for part-time work.

But I’m feeling very positive. It feels good just to be out of my stuffy little turtle shell about to start plodding away from whatever pool of water I’d been stagnating in. Off to find a fresh pond, I am. To make new turtle or non-turtle friends (I’m not particularly pro-turtle on the friend front, I’ll make friends of all the pond creatures).

I have 12 confirmed days left in my current job then I go on holidays. The turtle is well and truly on the move… albeit slowly (of course, it’s still a turtle).

Photo credit: Quotepixel