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Despite not having posted, this weekend was pretty tame. Much time was spent soaking up the sun and enjoying the company of friends. Perhaps it was the leisurely pace of the weekend that led me to consider the many simple, beautiful things we see just in our everyday lives (and maybe don’t appreciate as much we should).

For example, while at the beach on Saturday, an older couple sat in front of us for a little while. They were somewhere in their late 40s – early 60s (I’m very bad at guessing ages) and they were sitting on the grass, drinking champagne. At one point, the man reached over and touched the woman’s cheek. It was such a tender, loving gesture that it made me pause because it’s so rare to see these things in public.

I love seeing things like this, these truly genuine and subtle moments of human affection. Kind of like when you see an elderly couple holding hands. Those kinds of things that, with our current divorce rate, seem to be going extinct so when we see them it feels like it restores our faith in humanity just a little bit.

But it’s not just things to do with lovers. It’s other stuff like, for me, the look on my dog’s face when I come home and he wakes up and realises it’s me. Or the feeling of the sun on your skin when you’re going for a drive (or at any time for that matter). The smell of coconut sunscreen or jasmine in bloom. Looking out the window and realising the day is that perfect combination of blue sky with a few tiny streaks of cloud.

You’ll notice these are mostly all summer things, I’m definitely a summer person. Everything seems more full of potential and alive in summer, at least for me. Yet, all of these things are also free and readily available to all of us. We can pick and choose our own things that make us smile and feel more connected to the world but there are still so many small pleasures that cost us nothing at all.

But they’re all easily missed as well. If I had’ve been looking at my phone, I would’ve missed that couple’s moment or my dog’s smile. If you don’t look up, you won’t see the beautiful summer sky. It’s so easy to be here and not here. The world can be so beautiful, we should take time to notice it. I know I’m going to try.