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This is my personal little mission for the moment, which is why tonight’s post will be short.

I’m on a quest to find excitement and joy in my work again. What makes it worse is that I used to have it and that makes it all the more painful to find it gone. I’ve discovered that it truly sucks to work at a job you don’t enjoy, that you’ve fallen out of love with.

And that’s what it actually feels like. Like I’m spending time lying next to someone I feel nothing for. Someone that now annoys and bores me. I know their every story, there’s nothing they have to say to me that I haven’t heard before. And it’s tiring to keep up the charade for so many hours of the day.

And I’m not the type of person that’s happy to cruise along. I want to be learning and growing and feeling productive, not just busy. What’s busy if you’re not progressing? If you’re not doing anything that makes you happy?

So that’s me, in pursuit of happiness at work. I’m off to submit some more job applications. As tiresome as it can be, I find it exciting. The next one could actually be my next job!