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I went for a job interview on Friday. My first in five years (perhaps seven – as my last one wasn’t really much of an interview). I was pretty keen about the job initially. It was quite similar to what I do now so I was a bit worried that I might be bored. I need a challenge to be happy so I wanted to make sure this was going to give me that.

During the interview, I could see that it would be a challenge in some ways; different systems, processes, very, very different company. But. after some thought, I also saw that a lot of the parts that I like in my current job wouldn’t carry over into this one. Is that a deal breaker? I’m not sure yet but I am slightly disappointed that the first job interview I’ve been on hasn’t resulted in a total slam dunk and my job search being over. Yep, I’m the kind of person that wants INSTANT results (in most areas of my life actually – yep, I know it’s unrealistic but, fuck it, you can’t help what you want).

So, I will ponder this one. I’m going to speak to them next week and go in and see their systems. They’re in no huge rush to bring someone on (they want the right person) and I’m in no rush to sign on (I want the right job). In the meantime, the job search rolls on. I have another interview on Tuesday and then I go on holidays on Saturday so that will slow things down for a bit.

When I get back, I’m lined up to pick up more hours at my partner’s bar so that will at least keep me cashed up while I search for something more permanent. And, of course, I’m back to uni in December so I’ll have that to keep me occupied. Ahhh the daily concerns of adult life. Yet, strangely (for me), I’m not too concerned. I have faith that I will find the right job. I’ve been lucky so far and I’m much more awesome now so… it’ll happen. Just gotta keep going, I suppose.