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I’m currently in the process of organising my own exit from work. As a person who’s both an organiser in their career and in their personal life, it’s quite a process. But it feels good to relinquish these work tasks and to able to deflect any new ones onto someone else.

For such a long time, I’ve been what I suppose you’d call the chief organiser for our team. It’s something I often relish but, from time to time, it aggravates me that other people don’t share my passion or don’t see the benefits. As I handover more and more of my work life, it dawns on me how much I do and how much of a huge part of me my work has been.

But I’m not sad. I’ll find another job where my organisational skills come in handy. You can never be too organised, I say. And, you know what? Whoever takes over from me can do things their own way. I can’t be concerned about these things.

I wouldn’t say I’ve checked out because I really do want to do the best I can to make everything run as smoothly as possible once I leave. But, I’m definitely not allowing myself to get invested or caught up in things that will occur after I leave. I’ve set up my processes but, once I’m gone (I make it sound like I’m dying) they can do things however they want.

It feels nice to let go.