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Ahhh… this picture makes me smile (I’m not sure if it’s meant to). It’s so easy to have a stressful/super-busy/frustrating/[insert negative adjective here] day and let it drag you down into the pits of despair. We take it home with us and let it ruin our personal time, the time we should have to ourselves, when really it’s just a day. It’s over in 24hrs and then you’re onto the next one.

Yes, sometimes our problems stretch over more than a day and, to those problems, I say, ‘damn you right to hell!’. But still… problems usually have an end point, even if that end point seems like it’s a million miles away.

I saw someone the other day that’s been going through a rough patch. They’d broken up with their long term partner who was not a very nice person. They’d left their job because of the close ties their work had to their former partner. They felt like their whole world was smashed into tiny little pieces that were too sharp and too fine to fit back together.

Now, I don’t want to belittle or make light of such a situation in any way but I know that in a few months or weeks that person will look back and see that point in their lives as a fork in the road that led to something better. As a demolition site where they blew up an old home filled with memories but a new home, a healthier, happier home was built in its place. And yes, I’m sure they’ll feel worse before they’ll feel better but the point is that the crisis is temporary and they WILL feel better. One day. Usually.

And then they’ll die. Yep, they’ll die and I’ll die, everyone will die and none of it will matter because we’re all here for such a short time. So little of what we do matters in the grand scheme of things. And yes, yes, I hear you say one person CAN make a difference and these things CAN have an influence on our lives and those around us. But I think that for something with seemingly negative consequences like this, it’s up to us to turn it to a positive, turn it to our advantage.

Because we are going to die. So we can’t let a shitty, shitty day a work, a break up, an argument, a failure tear us up inside so much that it hampers our ability to move on. Take the time you need to recover and then go out there and find the next beautiful thing. And there are so many beautiful things to discover out there, wouldn’t you say?